CV — Denis Matakov — Python Developer

Denis Matakov GitHub Page

Position type: Permanent employment

Desired positions:

Backend Developer

Life Experience Summary

Hi. My name is Denis and I am a developer. I’ve started my way from full stack framework developer and now I’m very interested in backend development, logic, algorithms.

Most of my working experience connected with my own business projects. I have a lot of fully operational web services including

  • 3 online stores (jewelry, natural stones and chandeliers)
  • My own site with technology related articles
  • Several projects created for other companies, for ex: Wellness Club Sites (WordPress based and No-Code landing page using Flexbe framework)
  • Four projects created on Django and Python during education (2020 — now, see the list below)

I did Full stack on this projects using LESS code philosophy, so my customers can support their site as simple as it could be, but I have experience in all major technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP and its frameworks like WordPress, Webasyst and so on.


I graduated Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation (in TOP 15 Universities in Russia) with honors in 2011. Than I self-educate myself in technologies and development and finally enrolled in 10 month long course «Backend Developer on Python» provided by the largest search engine provider in Russia — Yandex (it has market share twice bigger than Google). Now I enrolled in course «Python Middle Developer» by Yandex.

Python/Django Projects

I have several practical Python/Django work projects focused on different industries, like social networks, recipe exchange platform, IMDB Like site with REST API. Every project that I completed led to fully functional web service or site that gone live (See section Experience below)

Business and Management Experience

I have founded and grown my businesses to the point that provides income for my entire family and my wife’s entire family. Due to the experience I have acquired while I was building and promoting my online stores I was invited in the Largest Private Bank in Russia — Alfa-bank — to help develop online banking platform.


Family, sport and open-source contribution.


Married. I have 3 children — two boys and girl. I want to be useful for planet and humankind. I am looking an opportunity to work on company with good mission that do good things.


Base stack: Python, Django, Django REST, Object Oriented programming (OOP), Bash, Git, PostgreSQL, Unittest/Pytest,

Additional libraries: itertools, GraphQL (Graphene), Pandas, asyncio, Multiprocessing/Multithreading (concurrent.futures), pydantic, PyTorch, BeautifulSoap

Queues: Celery, RabbitMQ, Amazon Simple Queue Service

Servers, Deploy and CI: Linux, NGINX, Caddy, GitHub, GitHub Actions, Docker, Docker-Compose,  Ansible

Frontend: HTML, CSS, Django Template Engine, Bootstrap, Bulma, JavaScript, React

Common knowledge:  C++, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Redis, MariaDB, MySQL, WebAsyst Shop-Script, postgresql aurora, mongodb, Lamdba serverless w/ flask, Natural Language Processing, S3 Storage, Neo4j (1, 2, 3), Elasticsearch

Desired location : 

  • Remote

Spoken languages

  • Russian (Fluent)
  • English (Work Proficiency)

Ideal position

I am looking for position of Python Backend Developer. I’m python developer with experience in Django and REST Framework, GitHub and GitHub actions CI, Docker and Docker-Compose. I understand OOP, CSS/HTML/JavaScript, Django Template Engine, Bootstrap and Bulma. I’d like to join strong team and develop my skills accordingly. Especially interested in Health and Business sectors. Currently enrolled in Python Middle Developer courses and participating in opensource repositories.


Python Developer at Blackbox Opensource Project

February 2021 — Present, Norway (Remote)

— Notification frequency logic
— Moved project to Poetry
— Dropbox token validation
— Integrated MariaDB and MySQL backup system
— Masked sensitive output
— Added Telegram notification
— Linted project (PEP8, comments, docstrings)

Mentor: Leon Sandoy

Founder & Fullstack Developer

Matakov Studio, July 2011 — April 2021 Moscow, Russia 

Developed several online stores using various PHP/MySQL Frameworks.
Technology stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL (MariaDB), Bash, Linux.
Frameworks: WordPress, SimplaCMS, WebAsyst Shop-Script
Completed full stack projects:

Python Developer at Practicum by Yandex

May 2020 — Present Moscow, Russia 

Stack: Python 3, Django 2.2 LTS, PostgreSQL, gunicorn, nginx, Yandex.Cloud (Ubuntu 18.08), Django REST Framework, SQLite 3, Git, pytest
Skills: Databases and SQL, OOP, Algorithms and Data Structure, testing and test-driven development

1. YaTube — social media service
Stack : Python 3, Django 2.2 LTS, PostgreSQL, gunicorn, nginx, Ubuntu, pytest
MVC architecture, pagination, cache, registration and authorization. followings, CBV.

2. REST API for YaTube
Stack: Python 3, Django 2.2 LTS, Django REST Framework, SQLite3, Simple-JWT

3. REST API YaMDB — Movie Database with reviews and comments
Stack: Python 3, Django 3.0.5, Django REST Framework, SQLite3, Simple-JWT, GIT

4. -recipes database with session-based and database based cart. Export to PDF/CSV.
Stack: Django 3, Python 3.9, Postgres, NGINX, Caddy.

Business and IT Consulting

Rumyancevo Fitness, February 2017 — May 2020 Tver 

— Fully develop corporate website (WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL)
— Implemented AmoCRM system and perform staff education how to use it,
— Implemented online appointment system using,
— Prepared automated reports with business data for management (Excel)